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Kaike Onsen Seaside Swimming Area

Kaike Onsen Seaside Swimming Area

3 minutes by foot from Kaike Onsen. By stepping out from the hotel with your swimsuite, a marine blue resort spot awaits in front of you.
Both the onsen and swimming in the sea can be enjoyed together. It is chosen as one of the 88 best seaside swimming area of Japan by the Ministry of Environment. 5 minutes by foot from the hotel.

Soho Furusato Kan

Over 100 art work mainly from the Edo era is on permanent exhibition, such as Hina dolls, clay dolls, dolls with special clothings, furnitures, Kasuri (cloth with splashed patterns) and printed cotton.
All of the art works are chosen from the "Soho Collection". 1 minutes from the hotel.

AEON Hiezu Shopping Center

A large shopping mall consist of large supermarket as the main store, and other stores such as a large sports store, fashion, restaurant and service stores which includes 44 speciality store of the Sanin District.

Sakai Minato
Sakai Minato

Sakai Minato

The most biggest fishery city flourished mainly from the port. Launches of horse mackerels and crabs are top class in Japan.

From the Sakai Minato International Passenger Terminal, there is a regular liner to Korea and Russia.

Also, it is the birthplace of the famous cartoonist Mizuki Shigeru, and there are places such as the "Mizuki Shigeru Road", "Mizuki Shigeru Memorial Hall" and the "Yokai Shrine" all made from the theme of "Gegege no Kitaro", one of the most famous work of Mizuki Shigeru.



It is known as the 4 famous mountains of Japan from the past.
It is chosen as one of the best 100 scenery of Japan, and also one of the
best 100 mountains chosen by a famous Japanese alpinist Fukada Hisaya.
Various plants and animals lives in the mountain, and it is very famous among mountain climbing lovers.

Access: Please take a bus (to Daisenji) from Yonago St.
(8 shuttles between Yonago St. and Daisenji per day)

Adachi Art Musuem

An art museum where both modern Japanese paintings and Japanese-style garden can be enjoyed.
Fascintaing collections of modern Japanese paintings by Yokoyama Taikan, ceramic art, sculptures, decorated lacquerwares and art pictures showing children in a nostalgic way are on exhibition.
There is a shuttle bus at 9:30am every morning from Kaike Onsen.

The Grand Shrine of Izumo

The Grand Shrine of Izumo

In October, it is said to be that 8 million gods gather from all over Japan to the Grand Shrine of Izumo.

Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine

Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine is "an environment friendly industrial heritage site" with respect of nature.
In 2007, UNESCO had recognized its achievement and registered Iwami Ginazan as a world heritage site.