"Kaike Tsuruya" is a traditional, Japanese-style hot-spring hotel. From the 9-floor East Building guests can enjoy some wonderful views of Daisen, while the 6-floor South building looks out on our serene and tranquil courtyard.
We serve meals that are prepared with fresh and delicious seafood from the Sea of Japan. Come to Kaike Tsuruya for a taste of the traditional Japanese lifestyle and an experience that you will truly cherish.

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"Kaike Tsuruya" stands in the Keike Onsen area, which is located near the beach of Yonago City. Yonago is the central city of the Sanin District and lies in the southwest of Honshu, Japan's main island. Sakai Port, meanwhile, is an active landing place for horse-mackerel fishing vessels.

The area is a great place to enjoy some hot-spring baths while also taking in some of the popular local sightseeing spots.
Bronze statues of Yokai (from the story of "Gegege no Kitarou" ) line the Mizuki Shigeru Road. In October, it is said that 8 million gods gather from all over Japan at the Grand Shrine of Izumo.
There is also good access to the Adachi Art Museum where modern Japanese paintings of Yokoyama Taikan (a master of modern Japanese painting) are displayed, and there is an attractive garden which covers an area of 165,000 square metres and features a variety of seasonal flowers. If you are coming to the Sanin District from Tokyo, the Sleeping Car Express (Sunrise Izumo) and a JR Pass are very useful.


Kaike Tsuruya Ryokan in Japan

Kaike Kitaro Bus Tour

Date: 10/1/2010 - 22/3/2010

Fee: adult 800 yen, child 400 yen, baby free
Ticket store: Yonago City Tourist Center (9:00 am -)
Bus: 27 people
Journey: Kaike Onsen (Yonago City Tourist Center) 9:45 am - shopping (Sakai Minato Marine Products Direct Sales Store or Sakai Minato Fish Center or Large Catch Market Nakaura)10:50 am - Mizuki Shigeru Road 12:20 pm - Yonago Airport - JR Yonago St.

Information: Kaike Onsen Ryokan Association (TEL: 0859-34-2888)